New Builds–  GPM Brickwork are experienced in New Builds and can build New Build homes using New Build housing techniques along side main contractors.

Home extensions–   There are lots of reasons to extend, whether you want to create more space, add value to your home or just love the area in which you live. The increasing cost and hassle of moving combined with uncertainty in the property market makes staying put an attractive prospect,GPM Brickwork provide the professional guidance you need.

Patios– All our patio work is carried out with the due care and attention that you deserve. We can create all manner of paving ideas no matter how big or small based on your thoughts and individual taste.

Pointing & Repointing– Pointing is a very specialist skill. It is a very important part of  any brick structure. Its main objective is to help keep water out of the building. There is a big difference between good pointing and bad pointing. Pointing can, if correctly carried out give a good aesthetic lift to the building and remain functional, add value to the property and generally enhance the building. Pointing that has not been carried out correctly can devalue the property and could cause the reverse.

Repointing As well as being unsightly, failed or damaged pointing can lead to more severe problems such as damp penetration, frost damage and even collapse. The appropriate selection of materials is critical and should be left to professionals. We ensure that the correct material is used and that the final finish matches the existing mortar.

Garden walls– Whatever the requirements for your garden wall, you can rest assured with GPM  Brickwork. We have being creating beautiful driveways, pathways, patio areas and feature garden walls for over 40 years!

Repair work– No job is to small from one brick to a hundred we carry out all types of repair work.

Take a look at our gallery too see our work.



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